Astrological Consultations

Astrological consultations are Birth Chart Interpretation, Birthday Horoscope, Forecasting Horoscope, Relationship Horoscope and Children´s Horoscope.

On this page, you will find detailed information about the various consultations along with some written horoscopes I offer.

In order to do your horoscope, I need to know your birthplace, birthday and birth time.  If you cannot be present on-line, then a sound file can be sent to your e-mail together with your natal chart. Schedule a time by clicking on the "scheduling" button and you will be directed to the "Request form " section requesting my calendar for 2-3 weeks. 

How it works


Natal Chart 

45 EUR 


A nice gift for new parents. Aims to provide support and encourage parents through interpretation of the child's birth chart. The Childrens Natal Chart analysis and Natal Chart are delivered via email.

Birthday Horoscope/

Solar Return

65 EUR 


This horocope gives a snapshot for the year ahead from your birthday. Every year the Sun returns to its exact natal position. This is a forecasting tool symbolizing the birth of your new year.  A  written analysis featuring this year’s major themes, personal matters, challenges, lessons, and your journey.

It is a horoscope tool that symbolizes the new year's birthday.

Birth Chart


145 EUR 


We explore the symbolic patterns in your Birth Chart to discover how they can express themselves in your life. The consultation may give you an insight and understanding of questions and life experiences by helping you discover your opportunities and challenges, containing your goals in life, home, education and communication, relationships, motivations, career, creativity and originality.

90 minutes (Can be divided into 2x45 minutes)




1 HOUR * / ½ HOUR**

A personal 1-year horoscope forecast, including a briefing of your birth chart where I use several astrological techniques to map events and experiences taking place in time. We can focus on specific areas such as relationships, career, education, your goals, your sense of the meaning of life, etc. and help you gain insight and develop direction. 

The forecast is based on several astrological techniques such as Natal Chart, transits, secondary progressions, solar arc, solar return, secondary progressed moon, lunar phases, midpoints.

Feel free to inform me if there are any key issues you would like me to pay special attention to. 

NOTE! ½ hour is only for one key issue **

 I focus on two people's Natal Charts to discover how these people relate to each other, as well as the relationship's characteristics and patterns. Here I explore how each person supports the other n a particular area, their weaknesses and strengths and how the energy creates an image and the unique quality in the relatonship.  There are many different relationships - love relationships, business relationships, company and employee relationships.  Please indicate the type of relationship that is relevant. I use several astrological techniques here such as Natal Chart, Synastry, Composite, Cross aspects and Midpoints. 

Do you want to interpret the astrological future in an existing relationship? There are additional advanced techniques that I use. Contact me for further info.



65 EUR 





Do you need more time? Book this ½ or 1 hour session.