Payment, Cancellation, and Disclaimer


Payment is due 5 working days Munday-Friday) before the scheduled appointment. You will receive a Paypal link along with a PayPal invoice from me by email for payment. If there are any complications please contact me. Payments can be done in euro or dollars. You will also get instructions after payment for the Zoom or Microsoft Teams session.

Cancellation Policy 

Significant time is needed when preparing for a chart consultation. However, if you need to cancel your consultation please contact me 24 hours before the appointed consultation, and I will refund or reschedule you as soon as possible.

If you are late more than 15 minutes for the scheduled appointment, I will probably not be able to extend the consultation.

Consultation Disclaimer

Information and guidance provided in the astrological consultation is a supplement, and should not replace any medical, mental health, or any industry professional. I reserv the right to decline any consultation request at my discretion.