Astrologer Rosie Tronsdal

A professional astrologer

Astrological Techniques

  • Birth Chart/Natal Chart 
  • Transits
  • Solar Return
  • Secondary Progressions
  • Solar Arc
  • Moon phases, Eclipses
  • Progressed moon phases
  • Midpoints
  • Synastry,Compatiblity, Composit Charts

The Natal Chart is always used in the horoscope.

Astrology consultations

  • Birth Chart Horoscope (consultation)
  • Children´s Horoscope, (written)
  • Birthday Horoscope/Solar Return,  1 year (written)
  • Forecasting, 1 year (consultation)
  • Relationship Horoscope/Synastry (written or consultation)
  • Follow-up ½ or 1 hour. (consultation)

Consultations are done through Zoom, Microsoft Teams or WhatsApp. (Saved on a voice file and sent by e-mail. We can shut off the video if this is requested). Important months in the Forecasting Horoscope will be jotted down for quick reference and sent alongside the voice file If you cannot be present for an on-line consultation, a voice file can be sent to your e-mail. 


Hi, my name is Rosie Tronsdal. My astrological career started in 2011 and since I was born in India I have always been interested in astrology. My workplace is Sweden, but through the internet, foreign clients can reach me.

My education is through The Faculty of Astrology in England consisting of a solid training program where you learn to interpret the various astrological chart techniques. I have had the privilege of receiving a fantastic education. I'm so grateful to my teachers and mentors like Janet Page, Cat Cox, Gloria Rocca and Martin Lipson.

Since I did not know the exact time when I was born, I had to do a so-called "rectification" technique to determine where the important points and planets appear in my Birth Chart.

Latest news

DECEMBER 13, 2020


Saturn makes its entrance in Aquarius on December 17, followed shortly after by Jupiter on December 19. It changes the perception on how Saturn and Jupiter appear in Aquarius which carries the elements of nature, the humanitarian element, science, IT, engineering solutions, social structures and reforms in the future, aviation, space and airfields. Jupiter will be in Aquarius for about 1 year, Saturn for almost 3 years. Jupiter and Saturn are for the first time in 200 years, in an air zodiac sign. Once upon a time when Jupiter and Saturn made a conjunct in the sky, which was popularly called the Star of Bethlehem shined brightly and when a new-born child was born, it was considered that a king or ruler was born. The Three Wise Men brought with them gifts to the Jesus-infant.


2021 seems to be a better year than 2020 when Jupiter is in the social-oriented Aquarius contributing to gifts and riches, interacting well with the airy elements of Aquarius. Together with Saturn which plans hard work, ambitious goals establish a good base for your future visions. Saturn has qualities such as caution, patience and time. You probably need to plan, organize and be realistic. Expect that projects, promotions, your future visions, entrepreneurship and travel need time and structure. Depending on how your birth chart looks like, Jupiter's various belief systems such as religion, the meaning of life, philosophical beliefs along with Saturn's realistic view may be questioned. Governments and authorities may be collaborating with politicians and scientists more than ever in an innovative way to contribute to our society. Jupiter and Saturn are in the same line on December 21st but only conjunct once in Aquarius. 


In February, transiting Uranus seems to radiate with full force. This event will probably affect us in 2021 as exploding and exciting. More on that next time.


If you want to know more about your opportunities in 2021, I will be delighted to perform a forecasting horoscope for you.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


DECEMBER 11, 2020



29 Jan, 27 Feb, 28 Mars, 27 Apr, 26 May, 24 Jun, 24 Jul, 22 Aug, 21 Sep,

20 Oct, 19 Nov, 19 Dec.


14 Jan, 12 Feb, 13 Mar, 12 Apr, 11 May, 10 Jun, 10 Jul,   8 Aug,
7 Sep, 6 Oct, 4 Nov, 4 Dec.


Lunar Eclipse 26 May

Solar Eclipse 10 Jun

Lunar Eclipse 19 Nov

Total Solar Eclipse 4 Dec


Thank you for my annual  Birthday Horoscope which gave me guidance for the years 2017, 2018, 2019 och 2020 through the written horoscope. So superb to receive this on my birthday. I know that it is not so detailed as the Forecasting Horoscope which gives a prognosis of the events occurring in months.